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I’m Valerio Viperino, a 25 years old software developer based in Velletri (Rome).

You can find me online as vvzen o yaskebasi.

In 2012 I attended the Rainbow Academy Digital Production course and I got out with 100/100, then I started working on the shading and texturing depts in Rainbow CGI for the movie Winx : il mistero degli abissi and the tv serie Mia and Me 2.

I then freelanced for a while: I created and edited footage for Borsa Italiana, Ferragamo and Cavalli; I collaborated with the Roberto Fazio Studio with the projection mapping, I went to Milan and studied Android App Development at MIP (Politecnico di Milano) and I collaborated with NAGEL for the creation of an Audio Visual concert.

Currently I’m a freelance in the 2D/3D CG field but I’d love to work with more code-based visual projects.

I’m quite confident in NodeJs, ExpressJS, JS & drawing libraries such as D3JS, PaperJS, P5JS, MakerJS and I’m building some more in Openframeworks (C++).


  1. Hi Andrew!
    Thanks for checking in here. :)
    If you’d like I can manage to find the exact code that I used, I closed that project a long time ago so right now I really don’t remember how I solved it.
    As explained here you need to pass some variables in the query string, like this: /your/path/to/tour.html?initvars.language=eng and then check for them in your include statement, as I you can see from my post. Don’t forget to set the passQueryParameters:true. It’s up to up to make up the logic.

    You can also pass a js object containing the initvars object when calling the embedpano() function in your tour.js. Like this: embedpano({....., initvars:{language:"eng"} });
    I hope I answered your question.


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