The Sensel Morph: a real Game Changer! (?)

The Sensel Morph is the first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.

That does sound like the same old story from kickstarter…

But with some luck and good marketing choices this device will really have its chance to change the world of human interfaces. Read: the Sensel Morph: a real game changer.

It doesn’t get the pressing like 0 or 1, instead, it feels the pressure..

In its kickstart video it seems to be able to figure a “pressure map” for all its surface. And it’s small as an iPad.

Now, imagine you’re an artist.

The graphic tablet is cool and everything, but not as smooth and as tactile as real painting.

A Cintiq is even cooler, but a lot more pricey and it still does not “feel” as the real thing, because it’s not the real thing, because we’re not carving our pencil into the paper.

Now, with this thing, you can take a brush and stroke like you always had, and like you learned to do.

You can draw, paint and do all of the things you always did and it will capture the pressure you’re applying on the paper (or whatever medium you’re using).

Our mission from the start was to address the mismatch between the expressive capabilities of our hands and the restrictive interfaces of today’s devices

Now, imagine you’re a musician.

You can have your square of freedom and choose what to do on it.

Create your complex synth patches in max-msp and change the cut-off with the sliding of a finger, use your drumstick to trigger crazy samples from different position, and play them louder of softer based on your dynamics.

Or simply create your custom fx controller.


Final touches:

The Sensel Morph comes to life through the use of various overlays – thin, magnetic, flexible, and fully customizable surfaces  – that turn the device into virtually any tool or instrument imaginable. As you may have already guessed, the name “Morph” came from the realization that each overlay allows the device to morph into a new physical, tactile interface. Using unique magnetic identification codes, the sensor automatically detects each overlay and makes switching modes completely seamless.

And you can join more than one Sensel Morph and use them together, even with different overlays. And you can build your own overlays and 3d print them!

Yep, there’s a lot of irons the fire, so let’s hope that the creators will be able to manage of all them and build a final product that really sets a new age in hid.

Some data from kickstarter campaign, as of today:

763 backers
pledged of $60,000 goal
43 days left
Early bird rewards start at 199$.

See it at :

PS: Apple Force Touch, is there still room for you?

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