Nageland – A/V Teaser

I’ve been quite busy in these weeks.
But.. this is something pretty special for me, that marks the beginning of something I’ve imagined for so many years, in all kind of fantasies.
Something I dreamed along while reading the correspondences between Kandinskij and Schoenberg.
A total, complete, performance where the ears go crazy with the eyes.
I’ve always thought of the meeting of sounds and visuals as a complex system, where we get a lot more than the sum of its parts.
Not something better than the music alone, or the visuals alone, but a new organic creature that has different purposes, different needs.
A process that is generated by another kind of urge.

For this reasons I’m very blissful in showing NAGELAND – A/V set through its first teaser.

This is my latest and (very first) project in collaboration with two musicians (NAGEL: https://www.facebook.com/nagelmusic?fref=ts).
The real challenge was to make something that follows a spontaneous performance of two real musicians playing in realtime (and improvising) without losing the artistic focus.
I’m no more than a young apprentice in these arts, but I like the path I’m following.
(for techies: realised inside Max4Live, Unity and QC, final mixing in Coge).

And here’s me and the construction of the structure.



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