NAGEL live at INTERZONA + Svilupparty Art Contest

Look out, it’s May!
This April I’ve been really really busy on the new Visual set I was creating (from scratch!) for the band NAGEL, but now we’re all set up and we had a great time playing at the on April 24th.
Many months of Max for Live and Quartz Composer have finally meet their end..
What’s next? A teaser of our work and many other backstage clips!
But with absolutely no rush.
(on my fb page you can already find some sneak peek of the show, look at the right side bar —> ).

Now, after all this patching, routing, banging and triggering of virtual cables, I decided to get back to my-dear-right-side-of-the-brain and offer a little contribution to the Svilupparty Art Contest.
is one the most famous events of the gaming scene in Italy, and the contest was about revisiting the icons of Italian video gaming.. Time to pick my choice (a really old Amiga title developed by the -now dead- Idea Software) and I immediately started to move vertices around in Maya.
The game is about Lupo Alberto, which is also the main character of comic strip really popular here in Italy.

I already told you that I love the low-poly style?
There can some many different aesthetics inside one word.. this time, it was the turn of blocky, square, geometrical environments.

Here’s some samples, while I still working on them:


(Lupo Alberto, the main character)





Some views of the environment (plus a the big Mosè, the main foe of Lupo Alberto)VV_screen_svilupparty_06



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