Laser Cutting, Fablabs and a Mooviamo upgrade

It’s been a loooong time since my last time here.
Many things have happened, here shown in a sparse order:

• Closing/quitting the development a number of android apps for ItalyArt
• Working for the amazing upcoming crowdsourced short movie of my friend Darel
• Starting together with a friend a new idea of business based on a mix between a fablab and a computer aided craftsmanship boutique
• Learning how to laser cut; learning CAD thanks to Fusion360
• Rediscovering Arduino and entering the Raspberry Pi world

That’s a lot of things!
Mainly, this period of time covered my transition between a purely digital world to a digital world that has some impact on the physical world.
Thanks to the fablabs opened by the BIC Lazio, I’ve come across some really interesting machines for crafting beautiful pieces of work, such as laser cutters and CNC milling machines (please none says 3D printers).
I totally felt in love with the precision and overall quality achieved by these CNC machines (laser cutting is something absolutely awesome!).
Here are some small works I did while learning how to prepare files for these machines:






The next big thing will be: Mooviamo! 2.0 – from bits to atoms (cit.).
A new turn for my little adventure with one of my friends.
In the meantime, I’m also trying to build a Tennis Ball automated Launcher controlled with an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi Zero, like this one:

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