Psi pose for getting tracked from synapse

Kinect Skeleton Tracking on macOs

After several attempts, I’m slowly building up a “pipeline” for achieving Kinect Skeleton Tracking on macOs (still sounds weird not calling it Mac OSX) :

  • Kinect (in my case, model 1473)
  • Synapse : needs PSI pose before starting to track, but it’s quite reliable.
    Sends several OSC messages on port 12345.
    Copy pasting from the official docs here:

    /tracking_skeleton - Sent with 1 when we start tracking a skeleton, and 0 when we lose it.
    (While testing, the 1 is always sent, but for some reason I was not able to receive the 0s. )

    This a list of the joints we can track:


    For each of these, we can ask the _pos_world , _pos_body, _pos_screen .

  • Openframeworks
    I’m using ofxOsc for receiveing the OSC messages.
    Code goes something like this:

    But since Synapse (by default) does not send the messages for the joints continuously, we must explicitely ask him to do it:

Continues soon..

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