How to send Midi over Ethernet – Tutorial

I already showed you how easy it is to send Midi over Wifi on a Mac (see here).

But sending Midi over Ethernet is even easier.
And without doubts faster.

You just need this little piece of software: ipMIDI.
Of you’re on a mac, you’re lucky, because it’s free.
If you’re on windows, it’s worth 79 bucks (I don’t actually know for Unix-like OSes).
After the simple installation, you can tell your application to route midi through an ipMIDI port.
You can also decide how many ports to set up (on mac, go to Audio Midi Setup, double click on ipMIDI).

Then you just need to plug the Ethernet CAT 5 or 6 cable to your to macs ethernet port and get crazy in sending midi.

To check that MIDI is received, I recommend you to watch my tutorial here and download my processing sketch here.

Here you can see how I set up my Ableton Live set.

Ableton Midi preferences:


My Midi Track:



  1. Hello Valerio,
    Thanks for your article about sending midi over internet.
    I’ve just tried it but actually it doesn’t work and I have no clue why. Do you need to set a LAN network or do you simply plug a Ethernet cable between both computers ?
    I can see the midi channels, one ableton live session is set to send track and remote, the other one to receive both, but nothing gets in.
    Do you have any idea what could be the issue ?
    Cheers from Lyon, France

  2. Hi Amine,
    I’ll write down here the tips I sent you via email so that they can (hopefully) be useful for someone else too.

    1. Open (applications > utilities > console), now filter for ipMidi and see if you have any error.

    2. Have you tried receiving Midi on the same computer sending it?
    Enable Loop Back in ipMidi options and try creating a midi track sending to port 1 and one receiving on port 1.
    Take extra care in order to avoid infinite loops between the tracks (for example, the track sending midi should receive Midi only from the computer keyboard).

    3. Reboot.
    I now it sounds silly but I just tried on my machine and after rebooting a network error (address already in use) was solved.

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