GuerrillaCG and the Gimbal Lock

Lately I’m back working in Unity for a big A/V project..
While looking for a way to rotate objects via script, I found this old Youtube Channel full of many instructive tutorials on the concepts of CG, and I thought they were really great!
It can be easy to think that Computer Graphics are just a matter of tools and softwares, and it’s all about knowing how to use the specific tools and specific softwares, but actually every software is an implementation of a set of different math rules!

Example given: how many 3d artists know what a Gimbal Lock is?

The 3d graphic world is a really interesting field to study. It is the study of our world and how we can mimic it and represent it in the most faithful way, so that our eyes are tricked to believe that something fake is actually real.
As P.K. Dick would say:

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

Certainly we know that the virtual world of our favourite videogames and movies does not respond to this definition, nonetheless, we often found this world to be actually believable, because the magic of CG runs in the background.

Here’s a list of tutorials covering the fundamental concepts that create the CG magic, strictly software independent.

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