Best Filesystem for OSX, Win, Linux

Recently I needed to format my usb key and I also needed to be sure that it would work on most OSes, since many of my friends are Windows users while I’m a big OSX enthusiast.
So I started my quest for the best filesystem for OSX, Windows, Linux.
I already knew that HFS works only on Mac, Fat32 does not allow for files bigger than 4GBs, and support for NTFS on OSX is not so great (I tried OSX Fuse and TUXERA NTFS but I didn’t go mad for them), so, after a little bit of googling, I found a new filesystem that I didn’t know: exFAT.
It was created by Microsoft and optimized for flash drives, and it supports files bigger than 4GBs.
So I tried formatting my usb key from Yosemite in exFAT.
It all seemed to go good, but when I tried to plug the drive under Windows 8, it wouldn’t be able to read it and asked me to format it. So, I formatted it once again in exFAT.
I then tested it on my Macbook and it recognized it without problems.
So, the best workflow seems to be to format the flash drives under Windows.

I was not able to test on Linux, but everybody online seems to agree that it will work on most linux distros.

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